Mid Week Wedding? . . . The New Trend

Wedding Packages

If you are considering a mid week wedding, there are more packages available to you. With more packages comes more flexibility to create the wedding day you want. Our mid week wedding package offers our stunning Staffordshire Wedding Venue at an incredible all in price from just £4,500.00. Here we look at some other pros to getting married mid week.

Get Married Sooner
Our peak wedding days can sell out 18 months to two years in advance. If you don’t want to wait to say your ‘I Do’s’ may be mid week is the way to go. 

Do It On A Day That Matters
Yes Saturdays are the busiest week in our wedding world, but if you are open to mid week you have more freedom in picking a date that matters to you. Want the date you first met, anniversary of your engagement or a date that is close to your heart? Being open to hosting your wedding reception on a week day, you can pick the date that you hold near.

Don’t Stress About The Guest List
Many couple fret about asking friends and family to take time off work for a mid week wedding. Just be mindful and share your date as early as possible. Then stop stressing! Those closest to you will make it their business to be present on your wedding day.

More Honeymoon Options
More flights are scheduled mid week so you’ll have a better chance of scoring a bargain. If you are thinking of jetting off after your mid week, you couldn’t pick a better time than mid week.

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