Engaged . . . What Do I Do Now?

Well look at that you are engaged. Congratulations! How are you feeling? excited, daunted, overwhelmed? All of the above. Well that’s perfectly normal, we are here to help!

Take a moment
All too quickly people rush to tell their family and friends that they are engaged. Whilst the rush of excitement may be overwhelming just remember to take a second and just be with your new husband or wife to be. 

Spread the word
Now tell those special people in your life your good news. Some people tell their nearest and dearest whilst others choose to share their news on social media. Don’t feel inclined to do either, do what is right for you.

Choose your date
You don’t need to choose the exact date, but think of the time of year or day of the week that feels right to you. Also think how these choices may affect your budget and guest attendance. 

Start the venue search
You will have wedding venues coming out of your ears. Venue hunting can be hard, but if you have a clear idea of what is important to you and what you can compromise you will be fine. Looking at wedding venues near me will generate a huge google response, so narrow your terms. Civil ceremony wedding venues, wedding venues staffordshire etc will bring you more suitable results. Have a look through our page and see if The Moat House can help make your dreams come true.

Enjoy the bubble
You will go through so many planning stages when booking your wedding, but they don’t all need to happen in the first 24 hours. Take your time, relax and enjoy every moment as an engaged couple.  

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