Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Your wedding is a time of celebration to be shared with all loved ones whether they are with you today or looking down on you.

It is only natural to be saddened that some of your loved ones may not be with you but there are so many different ways in which you can honour them throughout the day.

balloon release

Photo Wall
A photo wall full of memories with loved ones is a special touch and it is a very easy DIY job.

Balloon release
At the end of the ceremony release a balloon to remember each loved one by, you could even attach a message to each balloon.

For the bride, you could honour loved ones by wearing a piece of their jewellery throughout the day so they are with you every step.

Raise a glass
During the reception you could raise a glass and toast all your loved ones that sadly aren’t with you, alternatively you could set up a ‘toast station’ where guests can go up individually or in groups and toast to all the loved ones, this could include photos of the special people and a tipple to pour.

Save a seat
A strong way to remember a loved one is to save them an empty seat for the ceremony; you could place a single flower or photo of them on the chair. However, bear in mind that looking over at the empty chair may spark some sad feelings during the vows.

When deciding how you would like to remember your loved ones you need to consider whether you would like it to be publicly or more private as it is a sensitive subject, missing them is a sad time but you wouldn’t want it to overpower your special day.

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