Social Media Do's and Don't

There is no escaping the world of Social Media, and this is never truer when your closest family and friends are basking in your celebrations. They want to shout from the rooftops how beautiful the bride looks, and what a wonderful day they are having. Here we look at some great Do’s & Dont’s.


Let your wedding guests know how you feel. You might want your guests to rrefrain from posting anything until the evening guests have arrived – keeping the dress a surprise for as long as possible. OR you may not want them to post anything until you have. Make your wishes known, your guests will listen.

Create a hashtag, and shout about it on signs around the venue. We love to share our couples big day on Instagram (with your permission of course) and we will share your hashtag too!

Collect the Instagram photos, tweets and facebook posts and back them up. It’s great to get the guests perspective of your day.

TAKE SELFIES! Capture your own moments, and cherish them forever.


Spoil any surprises you have planned. This can happen before or during the day. If you have something extra special up your sleeve keep it under wraps.

Be on your phone all day. This is your big day, and you want to share it with the world. But the people that truly matter will be there by your side. Put away your phone and have fun!

Get rid of your professional photographer. Uncle Dave with his new IPhone does not cut the mustard (Sorry Dave!) your photographer will know how and when to capture those magical moments.

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