Speak Up . . .

We know, we know. You’ve said your vows, the rings are on and now you want to start the party and enjoy the rest of your day. BUT there is just one more little traditional to work through . . . the speeches. 

Few people are willing to trust everything to memory – probably a wise decision. An alternative to this is to reduce the speech down to brief notes on cue codes. The advantage to this is, it will not sound like it is being read word for word. But if you do want to read it, no problem! Nobody will mind.

Whatever you decide – rehearse it. Then rehearse it again. And again for good measure. 

Nervous speakers have a habit to talk too fast. We get it, you want to get it over and done with! But take your time. Let your jokes and points sink in, otherwise your guests are playing catch up and don’t have time to laugh. Don’t give in to the urge to speed up.

If you expect a laugh – wait for it. If it is not forthcoming tell the guests they were meant to laugh, and don’t back down until they do. That will kick start your speech and get your guests in the mood to laugh.  

Don’t drink too much before your speech. Traditionally speeches were done after the meal. But we see more and more couples opting to do the speeches before the meal, mainly to get them out of the way so you and your guests can enjoy their meal and a few drinks.


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