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There are a lot of terms that we throw around in the wedding world that mean nothing to someone who is just getting started. Here is our definitive guide of words you need to know.

Banns are the public announcement that two people wish to marry, and an invitation to anybody who knows just cause or impediment to the union to declare it. On three Sundays prior to the wedding, the banns are read out in the parish church of the future bride and groom, and are effective for three months afterwards. Banns must be called in both the church where the wedding is to be held, as well as the parish church of the bride and groom.

Civil ceremony
Civil ceremony can take place either in a Register Office or any approved venue. The law requires that any music and readings contain no religious content in the civil ceremony.

Evening food
Most weddings include food for the evening party, normally this is in the form of a buffet, or in summer a barbeque.

Flower Girl
A young girl who carries flowers in a wedding procession.

Groom’s accessories
It’s not just the bride that wears accessories for the wedding day. These include tie-pins, cufflinks and so on.

Hen night
Traditionally the bride to be goes out to party for one last night of freedom before her big day.

Master of Ceremony
A person who acts as host at a formal event, making the welcoming speech and introducing other speakers.

No Impediment
A certificate of no impediment to marriage may be required when the future bride and groom wish to get married abroad. These certificate vary in the length of time they are valid for. The certificate of No Impediment may be insufficient on its own to allow a marriage to take place in a foreign country, so it it important that you check the requirements for your own circumstances.

Page boy
The page boy carries the brides train if she is wearing a dress with one long enough or they can also be asked to carry the rings on a cushion to the couple when then exchange rings.

The one who is in charge of official records.

Superintendent Registrar
The Superintendent Registrar oversees the recording of all marriages in the local area.

The tiara is a jewelled ornamental band worn by women on formal occasions.

The ushers role is to primarily show the guests to their seats but they can work in unison with the Best man to ensure the smooth running of the wedding ceremony

Most people have a photographer at their wedding, but having a video of your special day can be so much more rewarding, the wedding videographer is the man who makes that video.

You will need to provide two people to act as witnesses for your wedding and sign the register afterwards. Witnesses can be friends or family who must be able to speak and understand English.

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