You are Cordially Invited . . .

Your wedding is a memorable and meaningful moment in your life, and the first impression your guests get of the day to come.

Your invitations should reflect you and your day, word them however you want as long as you provide certain essential information. Keep in mind that the invitations serve several purposes.

Invite your guests and provide details such as date and time

Set the tone for the event: casual, formal, themed

Collect RSVPs, diet information and sometime food choices

There are two ways to go with wording: formal or casual. The wording for formal wedding invitations may vary depending on who is hosting the wedding. Traditionally the bride’s parents act as hosts, so your invitation would request your guest’s attendance on their behalf. If the bride and groom are hosts your names would appear requesting the honour of your guest’s presence at your marriage. Don’t forget you are a Miss at this point!

Unlike formal invites, which tend to use the term “the honour of your presence” or “the pleasure of your company” to invite guests. Less formal wording can reflect your own style. Dates are more casually worded, titles and parents details omitted and evening only invites are simpler. The basic information required still applies, such as where, when and how the guests should respond. But a more casual approach leaves you with much more scope to get creative.

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